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Zhuangyan Think Tank and Guangzhou Municipal People's Government Sign a 500 Billion Investment Cooperation Agreement

      On the afternoon of May 10, Zhuangyan Think Tank and Guangzhou Municipal People's Government signed a 500 billion investment cooperation agreement at General Office of Guangzhou Municipal Government. Yan Jiehe, chairman of Zhuangyan Think Tank and the board of directors of Pacific Series, and Guo Yonghang, deputy secretary of the Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee and mayor of Guangzhou witnessed the signing. Yan Hao, vice chairman of Zhuangyan Think Tank and chairman of the board of directors of Pacific Series, and Chen Jie, vice mayor of Guangzhou and secretary general of the Municipal Government, signed the agreement on behalf of two parties.
      This agreement is a strategic layout and an important step for Zhuangyan Think Tank to enter first-tier cities and deeply develop Guangdong market, which is also an intellectual encounter between the world's top 500 enterprise and the front domestic market economy.

       Yan Jiehe said that the best in the world is all private. 微软 and Apple in the United States, Mercedes Benz and BMW in Germany, Toyota in Japan and Samsung in South Korea are all private. As a private enterprise, we are a self-reliant group in the gap between the planned economy and the market economy, just like children without parents. We have always followed the market rather than officialdom, the law rather than power, and we have always adhered to "zero affiliation, zero subcontracting and zero transfer; zero waste, zero corruption and zero non-completion". He pointed out that the Tai, Su and Zhuang Series of the Yan's Family have gone through from one world's top 500 enterprise to two world's top 500 enterprises, turning towards future three world's top 500 enterprises. We are full of confidence and expectation for the upcoming 20th Session of National Congress of the Communist Party of China. We are ready to come to Guangzhou and be a good gold medal winner.
    Guo Yonghang said that he extremely welcomes the settlement of headquarters base of Zhuangyan Think Tank (Guangzhou), one of the world's top 500 enterprises, and looks forward to its positive contributions to Guangzhou's economy integration, industry optimization, education improvement, enterprise assistance, urban development and other aspects. The government has taken Zhuangyan Think Tank as a long-term and stable all-round strategic partner, and will provide a good policy environment and efficient services for the Group's investment and construction projects in Guangzhou. It is hoped that the two parties will give full play to their respective advantages to innovate project cooperation modes, establish comprehensive cooperation mechanisms, and jointly create a win-win and sustainable all-round strategic partnership.
       Jin Liang (director of Zhuangyan Think Tank, CEO of Zhuangyan Series and chairman of Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macao Construction Board), Chen Feng (director of Zhuangyan Think Tank, CIO of Zhuangyan Series and chairman of the board of directors of Shanghai Business Capital Group), Song Shaoting (director and president of the board of directors of Pacific Series and chairman of Future City), Ma Li (vice president of Zhuangyan Series), Zhang Xiang (chairman of the board of directors of Guangdong Business Group), Zhang Xiaolong (chairman of Shanghai Business Construction Board), Wang Hao (chairman of the board of directors of Sichuan Business Group), Chen Zhicheng (chairman of the board of directors of Zhuangyan Culture and Tourism), Hu Tong (chairman of the board of directors of Canal Construction Engineering Group), Yan Yunfei, chairman of the board of directors of Yunfei Construction), Deng Maoying, deputy secretary general of Guangzhou municipal government, Wang Hongwei (director of Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban Rural Development), Yao Hanzhong (director of Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Water Affairs), Chen Dejun (director of Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission), Shen Ying (deputy director of Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Transportation), Wang Xiaojie (deputy director of Baiyun District), Cai Qiliang, director of Huadu District), Chen Jianren (director of Panyu District), Xie Wei (deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of Nansha Development Zone), Chen Qiang (general manager of Guangzhou City Construction Investment Group), Fan Ruiwei, chairman of Guangzhou Water Investment Group), and Zheng Lei (general manager of Guangzhou Airport Construction Investment Group) attended the ceremony. (Editor/Photographer: Culture Center of Pacific Series)
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