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The 2021 Annual Award Ceremony of Pacific Construction and the 2022 Enlarged Shareholders' Meeting are Held in Huai'an

         On February 8, the 2021 Annual Award Ceremony of Pacific Construction and the 2022 Enlarged Shareholders' Meeting with the theme of "common prosperity and sailing to the Pacific" were grandly held in Huai'an, Jiangsu Province. Chairman Yan Jiehe attended the ceremony for strategic guidance. Chairman Yan Hao summarized arrangements and led the senior management team to issue honorary certificates and bonuses to the winners. Zhang Yunqin, director of the Pacific Construction Advisory Committee, attended the ceremony and presented awards to the golden employees. More than 800 elites from Pacific Construction headquarters, platforms and subordinate groups attended the ceremony.

         At the meeting, chairman Yan Jiehe made a thorough interpretation on "common prosperity". He pointed out that in the past five years, China has achieved comprehensive success in poverty alleviation, but the eradication of comparative poverty still needs 10, 20 or even 30 years of struggle. Common prosperity is divided into five levels, that is, small rich, middle rich, big rich, super rich and ultra rich. Instead of average prosperity, we should first let some people get rich, and then let them help others get rich together. In the future, there will be no small rich in Pacific series, at least the middle rich, and the Yan family is ultra rich.
       For system management, chairman Yan Jiehe said that a good system can make bad people become good people, vice versa. From managing, inspiring and cultivating people by people to managing, inspiring and cultivating people by system, a first-class enterprise's target is to establish culture and standards. We should always adhere to the principles of cultural operation and standard management. The top-level design is extremely important. Pacific Construction needs to further innovate its system construction, instead of blindly following the old path. We should be calm and stable in mentality, open in behavior and tolerant in politics. System and cultural innovation must keep pace with the times, further heading for the establishment of provincial capital city and high-end market.
         Chairman Yan Jiehe concluded that we not only stress that blood is thicker than water, but also stress that water is purer than blood. No the Yan family, no Pacific Construction. All glories only represent the past, and the future is always blank. Pacific Construction has been devoted to letting everyone have a sense of belonging, and becoming calm, confident and self-proud. Pacific Construction welcomes the third, fourth and even fifth generations to join Pacific Construction with the principle of "almighty, let the under next", aiming to be a century old enterprise.
        Fast development depends on young people, stable development depends on good character, and further development depends on culture. The post-80s and post-90s are the hope of Pacific Construction, and everyone should internalize the corporate culture into their own things with their own experience and feelings. The flowers remain the same year after year while people change year by year. Time and tide wait for no man, so we only hope that everyone can cherish every present moment and win a promising future with full wisdom, conscience and responsibility!

Common Struggle and Common Prosperity
- Strive to be a Golden Athlete

     The Annual Award Ceremony held in the morning with the theme of "common prosperity" rewarded the excellent teams and individuals based on incentive mechanism, paid tribute to loyalty, struggle and excellence with real bonuses, and witnessed the moment of common prosperity.

      Dozens of awards have been presented in this ceremony, including excellent platform, group, company, project, business team, management team and individual, pioneer, defender, future star, merit award, golden employee, and growth star. The winners are not only the brave mainstay, but also the emerging young talents, as well as the new blood at the grass-roots level and in the front line.

          In order to thank those excellent old employees who have been with the enterprise for 20 years, the "golden employee" award was set up at this grand ceremony, and Ms. Zhang Yunqin personally presented them with commemorative gold bricks.
          Yan Hao said that the holding of Annual Award Ceremony is not only a way to bid farewell to the old and welcome the new, but also a new state to jointly start a new journey in Chinese year of the tiger. In order to better commend the excellent and motivate the whole staff, this award ceremony has achieved an overall improvement in terms of scale, total amount of material awards, and the number and quality of winners, fully demonstrating Pacific Construction's concept of benefiting employees and serving brand, as well as the high-quality development concept focused on enterprise development, talent cultivation and innovation. The winners have the best benefits, the best quality, the highest efficiency, the fastest progress and the greatest potential, which are the "golden athletes" of Pacific Construction, the most valuable asset of the Group and the backbone of Pacific Construction to build a century old enterprise. With such a group of excellent employees, it is believed that Pacific Construction will have a promising future!


        When it comes to common prosperity, Yan Hao pointed out that common prosperity is not average prosperity, but individual struggle with higher requirements. Generally speaking, get more pay for more work done. The high-quality development of the enterprise is the basis and premise of common prosperity. Everyone is the subject of common prosperity, both beneficiary and contributor. Only through everyone's participation and common struggle, can we make common prosperity from dream to reality. Thus, it is far from enough to raise the salary of individuals, but also to give bonuses, honors and status to them. Therefore, the fulfillment of the incentive mechanism to reward excellent teams and individuals will become our first action to achieve common prosperity.
          This year, the Group will create more platforms and channels for staff to become rich, continue to strengthen performance appraisal and joint-stock reform, establish a long-term mechanism based on "benefit sharing and risk sharing", further promote the matching of powers and responsibilities of various departments, and form an earnest and pure atmosphere, avoiding those who want to take advantages of common prosperity without making any efforts.
     Yan Hao stressed that we should not only reward those who can get high-quality orders alone, but also those who are good at achieving reasonable benefits through their own professional and fine management. We also should strive to make more elites and talents be project managers to create more value, so as to effectively enhance their sense of honor, belonging and gain, and promote the sustainable and high-quality development of the enterprise in a long run.

Rise to the Top, Sail to the Pacific
- Open a New Chapter of High-quality Development
      The meeting held in the afternoon, with the theme of "rising to the top and sailing to the Pacific", reviewed the achievements in 2021 and put forward the expectations for 2022, aiming to start a new journey and open a new chapter of high-quality development.


        At the meeting, Yan Hao announced the appointment list of members of the board of directors, the board of supervisors and the president team of Pacific Construction, as well as the appointment list of members of the board of directors of each platform and affiliated group, and signed the 2022 target duty agreement with the person in charge of operation, management and capital of the headquarters, as well as the chairman of the board of directors of each platform and group.
      Zhang Yunqin pointed out that the industry determines the future, and the infrastructure industry will always be a sunrise industry. The chairmen of the boards of directors of all platforms and subordinate groups should not only utilize the market and talents actively, but also make good use of existing resources and potential resources. They should solve problems with a development vision and a broad setup, and seize opportunities to occupy the market with upper thinking. Choice is more important than effort, and the platform changes life. The target of Pacific Construction to build a century old enterprise lies on numerous rising talents. We hope that each member can always be positive with a dedicated spirit to carry forward the corporate culture, and take practical actions to gain more knowledge and money.
       Yan Hao said that Pacific Construction has built a high popularity and reputation in the infrastructure industry, relying on the guidance of corporate culture and the determination to do things well and face difficulties bravely. In the past year, although the business data of the enterprise fluctuated due to objective external factors, the existing market layout and talent structure of various platforms and subordinate groups, as well as the recognition of corporate culture by more and more young people, have made employees full of expectations for the future of the enterprise.


      Yan Hao stressed that the total amount of orders determines the quality of orders. If Pacific Construction wants to make steady progress in sustainable and high-quality development, the key is to use large-scale projects and high-quality markets. Next, Pacific Construction will mainly allocate high-quality resources, wisdom and capital to building the platform, so as to provide a solid guarantee for the high-quality development of the platform. All platforms and subordinate groups should dare to make breakthroughs, grab large orders, equip all factors required by target, and spare no effort to create higher benefits for the enterprise.
      He concluded that in the past decade, the rule of man has been the main, supplemented by the rule of law. In the next decade, the rule of law will be the main, supplemented by the rule of man. It is not only necessary to use institutional management to stimulate all staff and make more elites and capable people stand out, but also to further give principle pressure through the system to achieve zero tolerance for corruption and narrow space for lazy people. The sustainable development of main business not only depends on leaders, but also every employee. Everyone should be good at seizing opportunities and taking advantage of the situation to move towards the bright future with more confidence, and safeguard our main business with continuous struggle, progress and operation! (Editor/photographer: Culture Center of Pacific Series)
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