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Chairman Yan Hao Attends the Signing Ceremony for the Cooperation Agreement on Future City Changxing Headquarters Base and Future Industrial Zone Project

        On January 15, the Future City signed a cooperation agreement on Future City Changxing headquarters base and future industrial zone project with Changxing County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province. Chairman Yan Hao, Wu Dengfen, member of the Standing Committee of Huzhou Municipal Party Committee and member of the Party Group of Huzhou Municipal Government, and Shi Yiting, secretary of Changxing County Party Committee, attended the ceremony and witnessed the agreement signing. Yuan Xiao, general manager of Future City Investment and Development Center, and Xie Zuoling, deputy secretary of Shuikou Township Party Committee and township head, signed the agreement on behalf of two parties respectively.
      In the talks between two parties before the signing ceremony, Yan Hao said that Future City is a new module hatched by Pacific Construction relying on the development of traditional infrastructure business, carrying the vision of Pacific Construction to build a century old enterprise. Over the past three years, Pacific Construction has actively extended to the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, focused on the three core businesses of "regional development, urban renewal and characteristic town", and accurately made efforts to build future city. In Yangqu, Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, we invested in the construction of a modern agricultural demonstration zone for creating a new model of industry-city integration. The index evaluation of the zone ranked in the forefront for three consecutive years and won the high recognition of the Taiyuan municipal government and people.


        Yan Hao said that Zhejiang is a hot-land for private enterprises, especially attracting private enterprises such as Pacific Construction, which adhere to the market and legal regulations. Pacific Construction will always adhere to the core operating values of "safety first, reputation second and benefit third" to actively integrate, build and serve Changxing with the spirit of entering Changxing and being a Changxing person. Pacific Construction will cooperate with Changxing government and people in a long run.
         Shi Yiting expressed her welcome to Yan Hao and his team. She said that as the birthplace of the general secretary Xi Jinping's "two mountains" theory, Huzhou has always adhered to the concept of "lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets". While vigorously promoting high-quality economic development, Huzhou has also made considerable achievements in the construction of ecological civilization. Changxing County is located in the northwest of Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, the hinterland of the Yangtze River Delta and the junction of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces, enjoying a fabulous location with a 34km coastline of Taihu Lake. In recent years, it mainly focuses on efficiency, quality, reform and innovation, sparing no effort to build a high-level and comprehensive well-off county with a promising future. It is hoped that Future City will keep its down-to-earth work style and actively participate in the economic development of Changxing. The government will also provide it with excellent environment and efficient services to promote the early commencement and completion of projects and further drive the development of surrounding industries.
        Wang Ying, president assistant of the Pacific Series and head of the Department, Wang Ce, regional general manager of Future City (Taiyuan), Yuan Xiao, general manager of Future City Investment and Development Center, Shi Yue, manager of the Industrial Development Department of Future City (Taiyuan), Zhu Wei, deputy secretary of Changxing County Party Committee and acting county magistrate, Chen Shaopeng, member of the Standing Committee of Changxing County Party Committee and secretary of the Party Working Committee of Development Zone, leaders of relevant departments at the county level and leaders of Shuikou Town, attended the ceremony. (Editor/photographer: Culture Center of Future City)
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