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Pacific Construction Signs an Investment Intent Agreement with Hezhou Municipal Government of Guangxi

    On December 29, Pacific Construction signed a sub-headquarters settlement and investment intent agreement with Hezhou Municipal Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Yan Hao, chairman of the board of directors of Pacific Construction, and Peng Daiyuan, deputy secretary of Hezhou Municipal Party Committee and mayor of Hezhou, attended the ceremony and witnessed the signing of the agreement. Song Shaoting, president of Pacific Construction, and Jiang Xiaojun, vice mayor of Hezhou, signed the agreement on behalf of the two parties respectively.
    In the talks held before the signing ceremony, Yan Hao stressed that Pacific Construction has been deeply engaged in infrastructure investment, construction, operation and management for more than 30 years, and adhered to the core operating values of "safety first, reputation second and benefit third", which has been selected into the Fortune Global 500 for eight consecutive years. The Group has been closely followed the national strategy, and actively integrated into the "One Belt and One Road" construction. Combining the social responsibility of central enterprises and the flexible institutional mechanism of private enterprises, Pacific Construction has tried its best to solve urgent and difficult problems for local governments with the working standard of "fast progress, good quality, low cost, few contradictions and high efficiency" and the life standard of "smart, capable and obedient".
   Yan Hao admitted that Hezhou's business environment and the integrity of the government are very attractive to enterprises like Pacific Construction, which adhere to the principle of following the market and legal path. Next, Pacific Construction will fully enter Hezhou market with strong confidence, talents and funds. While undertaking more social responsibilities, Pacific Construction will closely follow the market demand, give full play to the advantages of "resources, wisdom and capital" as one of the world's top 500 enterprises, constantly expand the cooperation fields, and maintain Hezhou's excellent construction achievements, GDP and taxes. Adhering to the spirit of "entering Hezhou and be a Hezhou person with responsibilities", Pacific Construction actively integrates into and fully serves the economic and social development of Hezhou, and will go on with Hezhou Municipal Party Committee and municipal government in a long run.
    Peng Daiyuan expressed his welcome to Yan Hao and his team, and thanked Pacific Construction for its long-term concern and support for the development of Hezhou. He said that in recent years, Hezhou has been focused on eastward integration, such as fully integrating into Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and actively receiving industrial transfer from the Greater Bay Area, which has become the first choice for the Greater Bay Area's industrial transfer. Since the implementation of eastward integration, Hezhou's economic development has shown a good momentum, with the growth rate ranking first in the region. It is hoped that Pacific Construction can truly take root in Hezhou to continue to expand investment on the basis of original projects, constantly deepen cooperation in transportation, municipal administration, industrial zone and commercial complex construction, stimulate Hezhou's development potential, comprehensively improve the appearance of Hezhou, create a good development environment for the 20th anniversary of Hezhou's founding, and help Hezhou build Guangxi eastward integration pilot zone at a high level.
    Wang Mo, chairman of the board of directors of Zhongshu Construction, Chang Weiwei, chairman of the board of directors of Pacific Water Treatment, Yang Jie, vice president of Pacific Construction, Gao Ge, president of Zhongshu Construction, Liu Feifan, assistant president and general manager of Business Center of Pacific Construction, Wu Xiaoxue, person in charge of Nanning Office of Pacific Construction, Li Haitao, general manager of Zhongshu No.3 Construction Group, Liu Ya, vice president of Business Department, Kuang Yonghong, vice mayor of Hezhou City, Liu Ning, member and secretary general of the Party Committee of Municipal People's Government, Chen Shifu, deputy secretary general of the Municipal People's Government, Wu Dongfei, director of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Zou Xuequn, director of the Municipal Bureau of Transportation, He Yingji, director of the Municipal Bureau of Investment Promotion and Commerce, and He Dong, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources attended the ceremony. (Editor/photographer: Culture Center of Zhongshu Construction)
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