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Pacific Construction Signs a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with the People's Government of Shanxi Taiyuan

       On December 14, Pacific Construction signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the People's Government of Shanxi Taiyuan to jointly draw a new blueprint for cooperation and development. Yan Hao, chairman of the board of directors of Pacific Construction, and Wei Tao, member of the Standing Committee of Shanxi Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Taiyuan Municipal Party Committee, attended the talks and witnessed the signing of the agreement. Liu Anqi, CEO of Pacific Construction, and Liu Junyi, member of the Standing Committee of Taiyuan Municipal Party Committee and executive vice mayor, signed the agreement on behalf of the two parties.
       According to the agreement, Pacific Construction will take Taiyuan as the important target market and key investment area. The two parties will jointly establish a cooperative project pool of no less than 10 billion per year, focusing on the regional development requirements of Shanxi central urban agglomeration and Taixin economic zone, especially projects in the fields of transportation, municipal infrastructure construction and public services.
        In the bilateral talks held before the signing of the agreement, Yan Hao said that throughout the development process of Pacific Construction for more than 30 years, reform and opening up has given us a sense of direction, the market economy has given us a sense of gain, and the rule of law has given us a sense of security. As a private construction enterprise selected into the Fortune Global 500 for eight consecutive years, we always adhere to the infrastructure investment, construction, operation and management, and follow the market and legal path. We are mainly devoted to emergent government projects lack of mature conditions, changing time for space and maintaining dislocation competition with central and state-owned enterprises. We not only have a high sense of social responsibility of central and state-owned enterprises, but also maintain the advantage of flexible system of private enterprises. We adopt the project management mode of "zero subcontracting, zero affiliation and zero transfer", realizing 100% ownership of personnel, machinery and funds. No matter where we are, we are always committed to building a friendly state-business relationship, aiming to be a "gold medal athlete" for the government and the people.
        Yan Hao pointed out that in the past, it was often said that "building roads is the first step to become rich", that is, infrastructure construction promotes the implementation of industries. Nowadays, the high-quality development depends on the industry development, letting the industry to lead the sustainable development of infrastructure. Under this development idea, Pacific Construction actively expands the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, focusing on the three core businesses of "regional development, urban renewal and characteristic towns", and accurately makes efforts to build future city. In Yangqu, Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, we invested in the construction of the modern agricultural industry demonstration zone to create a new model of industry-city integration. The index evaluation of this zone ranked the top for three consecutive years and won the high recognition of the government and the people.
       Yan Hao admitted that Pacific Construction first invested Taiyuan Yangqu two years ago due to the market, while today, it came to Taiyuan again due to the appreciation of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government to enterprises. Today's Taiyuan not only has a high-quality business environment, but also has new ideas and vitality brought by the new government leader groups. In order to seize the strategic opportunities such as the development of urban agglomeration in central Shanxi and Taixin economic zone, our next step is to closely follow the 14th Five Year GDP target of "moving towards trillion" in Taiyuan, and to organically connect the advantages of "resources, wisdom and capital" as one of the world top 500 enterprises with Taiyuan in multiple levels and all directions. By further giving full play to the functions of Shanxi headquarters of Pacific Construction and introducing a number of first-class general contracting enterprises, Pacific Construction dedicates to improve Shanxi's local GDP and taxes.
        At the same time, relying on the brand influence accumulated by Pacific Construction for many years, as well as power in funds, talents and confidence, we will help Taiyuan take business to canvass business, deepen cooperation in agricultural product processing and other fields based on the high-quality development of Taiyuan's primary industry, effectively improve the market competitiveness of local characteristic industries and promote the transformation and upgrading of local economy development. Entering Taiyuan and be a Taiyuan person with responsibilities. We will bring a "warm wind" to Taiyuan infrastructure market and keep cooperation with the Taiyuan government and people in a long run.
Wei Tao said that Shanxi Taiyuan is a very insightful choice for Pacific Construction. The "14th Five Year Plan" period is a critical period for Taiyuan to realize the transformation, build a national regional central city with international influence, achieve trillion GDP target and recreate the magnificence of Taiyuan. The Shanxi Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government proposed to build Taixin economic zone, accelerate the development of urban agglomeration in central Shanxi, and comprehensively promote the new coordinated development between Taiyuan and Xinzhou from five dimensions, which brought Taiyuan a golden development opportunity.
       Wei Tao pointed out that Taiyuan is now further deepening the reform of investment introduction, and strengthening the work of attracting investment by business and enterprises rapidly. As a private construction enterprise included in the Fortune Global 500 for eight consecutive years, Pacific Construction is undoubtedly an ideal strategic partner of Taiyuan with strong strength and solid reputation. Next year, Taiyuan will have a large number of infrastructure projects to be started urgently. It is hoped that Pacific Construction can maintain a down-to-earth work style to actively participate in Taiyuan's economic development, and make contributions to Taiyuan's urban construction and the development of local construction industry. The government will also provide enterprises with a good environment and efficient services for their investment projects in Taiyuan and create good conditions for follow-up cooperation between the two parties.
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