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Chairman Yan Hao Held Talks with Lu Xinshe, Secretary of Party Committee of Guangxi and Director of Standing Committee of the National People's Congress
        On August 26, Yan Hao, Chairman of the board of directors of Pacific Construction, held talks in Nanning with Lu Xinshe, Secretary of Party Committee of Guangxi and Director of Standing Committee of the National People's Congress. The two parties exchanged views on further deepening cooperation.
        Lu Xinshe said that in recent years, Guangxi and Pacific Construction have a good foundation for cooperation. Since the two parties signed a 450-billion-level strategic cooperation agreement in 2017, the enterprise has become the most important strategic partner of China-ASEAN Expo for two consecutive years. During the China-ASEAN Expo in 2019, Pacific Construction also signed a 160-billion-level cooperation agreement with the Beibu Gulf Office of Guangxi, and signed specific project cooperation agreements with several cities in Guangxi. This time, President Yan Hao paid a special visit to discuss and prepare for the construction of Maritime Silk Road International Headquarters of Pacific Construction, further participate in the construction of the Beibu Gulf Economic Zone, and expand cooperation in other fields, which shows that he attaches great importance to cooperation with Guangxi. The Party Committee and Government of Guangxi welcome and thank his visit.
        Lu Xinshe pointed out that as a private enterprise, Pacific Construction has been focusing on the investment, construction and management of infrastructure for more than 30 years. It is not easy for Pacific Construction to be the first private enterprise in the global construction industry. Guangxi has a unique location, rare development opportunities and a lot of cooperation opportunities. In the development of Guangxi, we regard the cooperation with enterprises as a major event, attach great importance to the optimization of business environment, and actively promote the policy of "three kinds of enterprises enter Guangxi". Pacific Construction has been Guangxi's partner for many years, and it is also the key cooperation object of "three kinds of enterprises enter Guangxi". Both parties have been strengthening communication, and the future cooperation prospect is broad. We should thoroughly implement the cooperation agreements signed, welcome enterprises to participate more deeply and extensively in the construction of Beibu Gulf Economic Zone, and seize the opportunities such as Beibu Gulf international gateway port, western new land-sea channel, Guangxi pilot free trade zone construction, and the strategy of "strengthening the capital" and "Beiqinfang integration". Pacific Construction has a wide range of business fields and many strengths. We can explore cooperation and development in a wider area, and actively develop projects such as port-industry-city integration, industrial park construction and operation, development of culture, tourism and health industry, and construction of future urban complex. It is believed that through joint efforts, more achievements will be obtained.
        Yan Hao said that the Pacific Construction ranked a new high in Fortune Global 500, which is not only because we are growing up in a good era, complying with the development of the country, practicing the policy of "One Belt and One Road" and "poverty alleviation" in 13th Five-Year Plan, but also the attention and assistance of Party committees and governments at all levels in Guangxi. Since the signing of the investment cooperation agreement between the two parties in 2017, Pacific Construction has implemented more than 200 projects in 14 cities and more than 70 counties in Guangxi, with a contract value of about 160 billion, and 75 billion of projects have been started. We deeply feel that the business environment has been continuously optimized, and the cooperation process has also been accelerating.
        Yan Hao pointed out that no matter where the Pacific Construction goes, it always pays attention to local development with a master's attitude. We are well aware that only when Guangxi develops well, our enterprises rooted in Guangxi will be better. Over the past three years, Pacific Construction has not only participated in the main business of infrastructure construction, but also actively undertaken the social responsibility of Guangxi's social and economic construction. Two first-class general contracting enterprises have moved to and settled in Hechi and Yulin. While further helping the healthy development of local construction industry, it has kept GDP and tax revenue in the local area. At the same time, nearly 40 of the more than 70 counties are poverty-stricken counties at the national level. Pacific Construction has actively customized cooperation programs for the local areas, and promoted better and faster development of the local areas through the mode of "poverty alleviation through construction, poverty alleviation through industry, and poverty alleviation through education".
        Yan Hao pointed out that the goal of Pacific Construction is not only to become a century old enterprise and one of the global standard setters of infrastructure construction industry, but also to maintain the flexible system and mechanism of private enterprises and actively assume social responsibility while developing itself. Since the signing of the cooperation agreement with the Beibu Gulf Office of Guangxi, Pacific Construction has actively promoted the implementation of the agreement. This year, it will focus on increasing investment and construction in Beibu Gulf, including infrastructure construction, industrial layout and port-industry-city integration. Pacific Construction will conscientiously implement the requirements of the Secretary Lu Xinshe, closely follow the key planning and strategy of Guangxi, adhere to the concept of "entering Guangxi, being a Guangxi person, speaking Guangxi dialect, handling Guangxi affairs, and fulfilling Guangxi responsibilities", give full play to the advantages of "resources, wisdom, and capital" as the world top 500 enterprises, introduce more well-known enterprises from Shenzhen, Guangdong and other places to Beibu Gulf, build "Pacific Future City" in Qinzhou and Nanning, create a Guangxi version of the "Suzhou Industrial Park" and better help the high-quality economic development of Guangxi.
        The following leaders attended the talks: Huang Weijing, member of the Standing Committee and Secretary General of the Guangxi Party committee; Liu Hongwu, Vice Chairman of Guangxi and Director of the Development and Reform Commission of Guangxi; Zhou Jiabin, Director of the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department of Guangxi; Wei Ran, Executive Deputy Director of the Beibu Gulf Office of Guangxi; Xie Bin, Deputy Director of the Investment Promotion Bureau of Guangxi; Song Shaoting, Vice Chairman of the board of directors of Pacific Construction and President; Chairman of the board of directors of Future City; Huang Aiqin, Chairman of the board of directors of Pacific Capital Group; Chang Weiwei, Chairman of the board of directors of Pacific Water Group; and Li Xiang, Vice President of Pacific Construction.
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