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Chairman Yan Hao held talks with Secretary of Hengyang Municipal Party Committee
On March 16, Yan Hao, Chairman of the Board of CPCG, visited Hengyang City, Hunan Province, and held talks with Deng Qunce, Secretary of Hengyang Municipal Party and Secretary of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress.

Yan Hao said that CPCG, founded in 1995, had always focused on its infrastructure business over the 30 years. It had been listed in the Global 500 for six consecutive years and in the top 100 for four years in a row, despite the relative monopoly of central enterprises and state-owned enterprises in China. CPCG, adhering to its core operating values of “safety first, reputation second and profit third”, the standard for doing business of “zero subcontracting, zero affiliation and zero complaints” and the standard for behaving oneself as “being both smart, competent and also obedient”, had participated in the investment, construction and management of more than 1,000 cities and counties and 3,000 industrial parks in China. In response to China’s “Belt and Road” Initiative, CPCG moved its headquarters to Xinjiang in 2017 and set up its southern headquarters in Nanning, Guangxi, covering 10 ASEAN countries.

“Chinese characteristics give us a sense of direction, the market economy gives us a sense of gain, and the rule of law gives us a sense of security.” said Yan Hao. CPCG had always adhered to the principle of following market rather than officialdom and advovating the law rather than power, and cooperated with governments in the sunshine. In recent years, CPCG was gradually shifting from the single infrastructure investment to a comprehensive urban operation. With “regional development, characteristic towns, and urban renewal” as its core business, supported by the three sectors of science and technology, culture and tourism, and education, CPCG was focusing on future city construction and committed to develop itself as the time-honored company.

Yan Hao stressed that since it entering Hengyang market in 2014, CPCG had participated in the construction of projects such as Chuanshan West Road and Xijie Highway with professional and efficient management, which created projects with reputation for Hengyang. The future of Hengyang contained unlimited opportunities, the road of cooperation between the two sides would be more and more extensive. CPCG would continue to stick to the principle of “behaving, speaking, doing business and taking responsibilities as the locals do when entering the Hengyang gate”, gave full play to its advantages of “resource, wisdom and capital” as a Global 500 company, and would carry out comprehensive and long-term cooperation with Hengyang government in a wide range of areas such as infrastructure construction and the comprehensive development of future city for the economic and social development of Hengyang.

Deng Qunce said that CPCG was Global 500 company with ambitions and responsibility. The two sides have established a good foundation for cooperation since CPCG started to invested in Hengyang in 2014. He Looked forward that CPCG would seize the opportunity to further organically combine its development strategy with the future development plan of Hengyang, ao as to achieve a win-win development. It was hoped that the two sides would carry out a new round of comprehensive cooperation in the fields of smart city, district development, shantytown reconstruction and beautiful countryside construction. The Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government of Hengyang would do their best to support and guarantee the cooperation to promote early signing, early construction and early results for the projects.

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