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Chairman Yan Hao talked with Deputy Secretary of Meizhou Municipal Party Committee
On March 5, Yan Hao, Chairman of the Board of CPCG, and his delegation, visited Meizhou City, Guangdong Province and held talks with Zhang Aijun, Deputy Secretary of Meizhou Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Meizhou.
Yan Hao said that since CPCG entered the Meizhou market in 2015, it has been adhering to the concept of “behaving, speaking, doing business and taking responsibilities as the locals do when entering the Meizhou gate”, and has always been building Meizhou with the spirit of ownership. “Zero subcontracting, zero affiliation and zero complaints"is not only our working principle, but also our source of confidence. Yan introduced that from the infrastructure construction to the overall development of urban areas, Pacific Construction has been exploring and accumulating in practice. In recent years, CPCG has taken the characteristic towns, city-industry integration, and urban renewal as its core plate, vigorously promotes its future city construction, and deeply excavates and develops the comprehensive economic effect of cities.
Yan Hao stressed that only by transforming from “external blood transfusion” to “industrial hematopoietic”, can the cities fundamentally solve urban development problems. CPCG would give full play to its advantages of “resources, wisdom and capital”, share its advanced ideas and experience with Meizhou City so as to spare no efforts to solve problems for the Meizhou government and give suggestions for its construction development. He expected that the government could make more demands and leave difficult and urgent things to us. We would always adhere to the principle of “doing things first and conducting ourselves afterwards” to seek long-term cooperation between the two sides.
Zhang Aijun expressed his admiration for the nearly miraculous development of CPCG. He believed that subcontracting and transfer of contracts were the key to the waste of resources and various disputes in construction industry. The "three zeros" principle of CPCG was impressive, which strengthened Meizhou government’s confidence to seek in-depth cooperation with CPCG. He said that as one of the first batch of large enterprises to resume work in Meizhou when the pandemic getting weaken, CPCG actively cooperated with the government's epidemic prevention policy and tried its best to catch up with the construction schedule. This spirit moved the Meizhou government.
Zhang Aijun pointed out that Meizhou was in the stage of accelerating revitalization but lacked good construction partners and financial support. Meizhou welcomed CPCG to invest in Meizhou with an open, inclusive and fair attitude. He hoped that the two sides would jointly explore new cooperation models, increase and deepen the scope and intensity of cooperation, and expected CPCG to construct more demonstrative projects for Meizhou. This meeting was a new starting point for our cooperation.

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