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Chairman Yan Jiehe Visited Chairman of the Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce
On the morning of June 14, 2019, Chairman Yan Jiehe met with Mr. Chen Zhenzhi, Thailand's business mogul, gold king and Chairman of the Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Thailand.
Chairman Yan Jiehe said it was a great pleasure to visit the Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce. We all shared the same root and ancestor. It was not easy for the Thai Chinese to seek a foothold and development in a foreign country.The older generation of Chinese entrepreneurs in Thailand were not only predecessors, but also elders.He thanked Chairman Chen Zhenzhi for his warm reception and applied for membership immediately. He hoped to make friends before doing business for the chamber.He mentioned that he was born in an education family but later chose to be a businessman. Over the 30 years of trials and hardships, he dealt with business from all walks of life, and achieved success under the spirit of wisdom, conscience and taking hardship. CPCG was like children with no parents, growing up on the cold bench but now topped the world's private construction industry. Within 10 years, it would become a standard setter in the global infrastructure industry. We wre the most competitive in every facet of the construction industry. Like Huawei, Tencent and 阿里巴巴, we were the pride and backbone of China.
On behalf of Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Chen Zhenzhi sincerely welcomed Yan and his delegation. He said that Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce was the highest level of private business organization in Thailand, gathering many successful entrepreneurs. Since its founding in 1910, it had gone through more than a century of trials and hardships. Vice Chairman Zhang Chaojiang was 93 years old. Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce had made a great contribution to the cultural exchanges between Thailand and China. It’s been highly valued by Thai and Chinese governments and was one of the main conveners of the World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention. It had its own Chinese college to teach Chinese, train local Chinese talents and also to train the next generation of successors. He expected that the two sides would have more contact and exchanges, and wished Yan’s visit a complete success.
On China's development, Yan Jiehe said that from the third plenary session of the 11th CPC central committee in 1978 to Deng Xiaoping's southern tour in 1992, China's reform and opening up finally embarked on its road of market economy by numerous hardships. Now we had entered the new era of Xi Jinping and were full of confidence.We were grateful for our motherland, for the reform and opening up, for Deng Xiaoping and for Xi Jinping. The market economy proposed by Deng Xiaoping was the foundation of China, while the law-based governance implemented by Xi Jinping was the root of China.
In terms of the trade frictions between China and the United States, Yan pointed out that from the actions of U.S. against the United Kingdom, Germany, the Soviet union, Japan and the European Union in the past to today's China, we could know it was its national strategy. Although so far, China had been affected much more than the United States, but China was very different from its former rivals. We were strong enough to handle it. Meanwhile, China-U.S. trade frictions would surely bring endless business opportunities to Thailand.
In terms of industrial prospects, Yan asserted that the world's largest industry in the future would not be the real estate or steel, but education. The industry that we can do the best in the future would also be education. From dumbbell economy to olive economy, China, dominated by the middle class, would be the best education market in the future. He said that since the ancient times, there was no rich man that was immortal, only education, science, and culture that can be remembered forever. He expected to cooperate with Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce on education.
Yan also write a Chinese inscription for Chamber of Commerce warmly invited the senior members of the Chamber of Commerce and businessmen visited China to see their home-country and Jiangsu as well. After the talks, the participants attended a luncheon arranged by the Chamber of Commerce who specially arranged a number of police cars to escort the trip, drawing a successful end to this visit.
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