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Chairman Yan Jiehe Met with Chairman of Chunqiao Group in Vietnam
On June 28, 2019, Chairman Yan Jiehe met with Chairman To Dung of Chunqiao Group in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The two sides had a cordial and friendly exchange of views on infrastructure investment and cooperation.
Yan briefly introduced the development process of CPCG. He mentioned that CPCG had always been committed to the principle of one hundred percent of social responsibility and received thousands of commendatory and thank-you letters from Party Committees and governments at all levels in China. The letter is light, but the word of mouth is heavy on which we won our place in China and even in the world. At present, infrastructure construction is an important cooperation area between China and Vietnam and a way to upgrade the two countries’ economic and trade cooperation. CPCG will build the third Global 500 company in Vietnam by integrating superior resources and adhering to the principle of “zero subcontracting, zero attachment and zero complaints” by combining Vietnam's actual situation and industrial development direction. We will speak, act and take responsibility as Vietnamese do when enter the Vietnam market to improve the image of Chinese enterprises in Vietnam with strength and reputation.
To Dung first briefed the development status and long-term planning of Chunqiao Group, and expressed his strong expectation for cooperation with CPCG. He said that CPCG was a leading enterprise in global infrastructure field with rich experience. He looked forward to CPCG participating in Vietnam's urbanization investment and construction with its advanced concepts, technologies and models, and to the future cooperation that would inject new blood into Vietnamese economy, create opportunities for mutual benefit and win-win cooperation to build a bridge of friendship between Vietnam and China.
Yan stressed that he was full of confidence in the sustainable development of Vietnam, and hoped to work closely with Chunqiao Group to speed up all-dimensional exchanges and cooperation as a local Vietnamese enterprise and to help Chunqiao grow bigger and boost the development of Vietnam. He pointed out that, since the ancient times there were no one who were immortal only with power or wealth, but those who had made great contributions to society that were be remembered forever. If one enterprise expect to be time-honored, it is necessary to improve itself to focus more on moving ahead instead of merely on money.
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