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Chairman Yan Jiehe Met with the High-Level Delegation from Vietnamese National Assembly in Nanjing

On July 9, 2019, Chairman Yan Jiehe met with a high-level delegation from the National Assembly of Vietnam at CPCG’s Nanjing headquarters. The two sides had an in-depth exchange of views on further strengthening cooperation and promoting the construction of urban infrastructure in Vietnam.
During the talks, Yan made a macro analysis of the international economic situation and spoke highly of Vietnam's economic development based on the current social hot topics. He said that in recent years, in the context of economic globalization, Vietnam's economy maintained rapid growth, and we were full of confidence in Vietnam's sustainable development. The future economy is Marine economy. Vietnam has the most beautiful coastline in the world with a length of 3,260 kilometers.While taking root in Vietnam, CPCG should bring China's successful experience to Vietnam and help speed up its economic development.
In the subsequent discussion and exchange, Yan put forward a series of constructive suggestions on Vietnam's economic development. He said that under the background of the “Belt and Road” Initiative, CPCG, as the largest urban operator in China, was gradually extending its industrial chain upward and downstream. Innovation is to break, and creation is destroy. Differentiated operation requires constant innovation and creation to stay on the cutting edge of the industry. CPCG will increase investment and construction in Vietnam, build a good image of Chinese enterprises in Vietnam, introduce experience and technology, and push bilateral cooperation to a new level.
Nguyen Manh Tien, Deputy Director of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Vietnamese National Assembly, said he was very grateful for Yan’s attention to Vietnam. He had been studying the New Analects of Confucius (Vietnamese version) written by Yan, and had drawn much wisdom from it which also deserved to be learn by the Vietnam’s politicians, businessmen and academics.
Dang HoangAn, Vietnamese Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, said that China is Vietnam's largest trading partner. At present, Vietnam is further improving its investment environment, committed to accelerating economic reform, facilitating infrastructure, developing the manufacturing industry, and implementing the smart city construction plan. It was expected that CPCG would bring new ideas into Vietnam's infrastructure construction, explore innovative way and promote the further development of Vietnam's social economy.
After the talks, the representatives invited Yan to sign the New Analects of Confucius (Vietnamese version) and took group photo with them. They also invited Yan to visit the National Assembly of Vietnam one day.
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