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Yan Jiehe Had Lunch with Malaysian Minister of Economy, Datuk Mohamed Azminbin Ali
At noon on October 15, Datuk Mohamed Azminbin Ali, Minister of Economy and Acting Chairman of the Justice Party of Malaysia, was invited by Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir to have lunch with Yan Jiehe to exchange views on how to work together to build Malaysia.

Azminbin first conveyed Prime Minister Mahathir’s welcome to Yan Jiehe and his delegation. He said that overseas investors, especially enterprises from China, are very welcome to come to Malaysia and build Malaysia. The arrival of CPCG will certainly provide Malaysia with more high-end talent jobs and opportunities to exchange advanced technology. It is hoped that future cooperation will inject new blood and create new opportunities for Malaysia.

Yan Jiehe thanked the Minister for his welcome and proposed that CPCG plans to invest 10 billion ringgits in Malaysia in the next 10 years, 65% of which is for infrastructure investment and construction, 30% for high-end education industry investment and construction, and 5% for the construction of first-class modern regional headquarter. We are actively seeking close cooperation with local enterprises to jointly promote the steady progress of infrastructure development in Malaysia with the PPP model. At the same time, CPCG’s profound and meaningful corporate culture and advanced management concepts are unreservedly shared with Malaysia, focusing on building Malaysia’s high-end education industry and training more outstanding talents for Malaysia.

Azminbin then sincerely invited CPCG to participate in the development and construction of Kuala Lumpur’s Cyberjaya area, making it a multi-functional and integrated headquarter base integrating education center, technology center and administrative center. He suggested that he would arrange meetings for Yan Jiehe with the Prime Minister Mahathir, ministers and other government officials later, and hoped to sign an MOU of mutual cooperation.

Yan Jiehe expressed his gratitude to the Malaysian government for its recognition and sincerely invited the Minister to visit the CPCG Nanjing Headquarter.
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