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Chairman Yan Hao Attended the First China-ASEAN Private Entrepreneurs Summit
Chairman Yan Jiehe was Invited to Attend the China-ASEANBusiness Leaders Forum and Delivered a Keynote Speech
Han Zheng Visited the Stand of CPCG and the Yan Family Attended the Opening Ceremony of CAEXPO
Great Achievements Have Been Made in 2017 APEC Summit
The Grand Opening of the 17th China-ASEAN Expo,Yang Jiechi Highly Affirms the Guangxi Strategy of Pacific Construction
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Mr. Yan Jiehe was Invited to be the Vice-chairman of CAPAD
On May 3rd2018, the chairman of China Association of Poverty Alleviation & Development (CAPAD) Mr. Yuan Wexian and the consoler of CAPAD Mr. Hao Daohai, together with some other officials arrived in Huai’an city to conduct the research and investigation. They granted CPCG vice-chairman unit and invited Mr. Yan Jiehe to become the vice-chairman of CAPAD.

In the morning, they visited Sanbao Village, which is under construction. Mr. Yan Jiehe elaborated the whole building process, approaches and plans of the project to them. He pointed out that there is no any interest-driven for hometown building but only the return of his emotion. The CPCG invested tens of billions of yuan into hometown only in a bid to improve the livelihood of farmers and harvest of agriculture. “What we are doing here is not only a poverty alleviation program but also a strategy to re-energize rural areas. This will not only reduce absolute poverty, but also, to some extent, resolve the problem of relative poverty.”
In the afternoon, the ceremony was held in Zhuangyan Think Tank. Mr. Yuan Wenxian awarded Mr. Yan Jiehe a letter of appointment as the vice chairman of CAPAD. Mr. Yan Jiehe conveyed that he values this letter of appointment. CPCG actively participated national poverty alleviation strategy. He would like to devote himself into this campaign without smoke and act as a powerful chessman to make his own contribution to eradicating poverty.
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