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CPCG Signed Hundreds of Billions Strategic Cooperative Agreement with Xi’an Municipal City
In the afternoon of Jan 23rd2018, China Pacific Construction Group (CPCG) signed an agreement, which worth hundreds of billions of yuan with Xi’an municipal city. Chairman of the board of CPCG Mr. Yan Hao, the mayor of Xi’an city Mr. Shang guan Jiqin and vice mayor Mr. Liu Xiaoan have attended the signing ceremony. As the representative of CPCG, chairman of the board of Northwest Construction, which affiliated to CPCG, Mr. Liu Junlan signed the agreement with Xi’an government.
According to the agreement, the two sides will conduct cooperation in traffic, municipal administration, public service and other infrastructural construction. CPCG will invest Xi’an for no less than 100 billion yuan with a view to build Xi’an into a national central city.

Mr. Yan Hao pointed out that CPCG will, as always uphold the principle of Safety First, Reputation Second and Efficiency Third, actively follow the Belt and Road Initiative. As the pivotal hub along the Silk Road, Xi’an presents a vital and strategic location. CPCG extends its gratitude to Xi’an municipal Party committee and Xi’an municipal government, spares no effort to forge honorable project which could be passed down form generation to generation. By doing so, CPCG hopes to push the social and economic development of Xi’an city.
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